It is the end of a very long week. Great! Now, into a weekend that will be equally as long. Great! Enjoy the link outs.

• Indeed, this is the only story about Comic Con you will ever need to hear.
• Well, guess Chris Kirkpatrick needs a paycheck.
• Very soon, we will be seeing Bianca on the big screen.
• I’m super over all the talk about that Do I Sound Gay? movie but this clip with David Sedaris gives me a bit of hope.
• Because you’ve been waiting for this: the new trailer for the Five Nights At Freddys game is out.
• Man. This is really great. Absolutely sums it all up!
• Nick Colletti, I could get up in this.
• Oui, oui: j’aime cette nouveau journal!
• This is quote is actually really interesting and quite wonderful. Note: don’t have your photo taken with people who are models.
• Exceptionally boring street style at the first Men’s Fashion Week in New York. Is this really the best we have?
• Thank you, Amandla. Well “explained” too, The Cut.
Neat? I’m not entirely sure I’m down with this.
• As a car non-driver, this is a very important idea to get behind.
• This speech is simply amazing.
• Good god: what the fuck is this egg monster?
• A Selena makeup collection??? Me gusta mucho.

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