What a week! It’s over, too. Great! Here are links to hold you through the weekend.

• This is the best thing to come out of that silly Time story about Oculus Rift.
• Alaska, you have some really real thoughts on Uber.
• This is definitely one of the worst things ever created on the Internet.
Interesting kid. They kind of annoy the fuck out of me for being the Tumblr Poet Laurate of 2012 through 2015 but good for them. They’re still annoying. They.
The I Heart Girl book seems as great as the I Heart Boy book.
• Very important information about farts that you really would like to know.
• While I don’t know who the winner is of this design politics fight, both of them put on a good show.
• The album artwork for the new YACHT record is really, really great.
• Really, these food stories should not be written anymore.
• As this headline suggests, Kristen Stewart’s thoughts about her sexuality really are thoughtful.
• This makes learning how to drive stick easy. Anyone can do it! (Except me. My dad just laughed at me.)
• I don’t recommend listening to the music on this but, dang, it’s pretty.
• Super Mario Maker just looks great.
• Australian small town gay pride is interesting.
• Accurate.
This is a wonderful look at the weird world of Second Life.

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