Wow! What a week. How will next week be? It doesn’t matter: it’s the weekend. Enjoy these links, y’all. Great!

• Happy birthday, Robert!! It’s his birthday today so, please, wish my boo boo a happy day.
Future meat that isn’t meat would be great if it tasted better. Interesting to think about and, yes, it would be a shit ton more sustainable.
• As I get older, hot food makes me feel like shit (i.e., gives me the shits). But, hot food makes you live longer! Friday and Saturday nights: gimme that spice. Saturday and Sunday days: give me that bathroom.
• These Christian vloggers are the craziest thing in the world.
There is a unit of measurement called butt. You can measure things in butts! This is not a drill.
• While the after is cute, I’m more partial to the before.
• Celebrities are idiots. I hate Cara Delevigne.
• An interesting, fun look at how the hamburger became the hamburger.
• This is kind of interesting? Kind of ridiculous, especially the headline.
• LOL. As if.
• A wonderful look into the life and work of Irish drag queen, Panti Bliss.
Celebrities believing that they are “knowledgeable” on fashion means a lot of excellent, ridiculous quotes.
• Useful (but missing the champagne glass).
Enjoy this porn PSA!
• What a genius supercut: the videos within this explain why live television producers are important (and how some are bad at their job).
• Happy 69th, Billy!

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