Summer is drawing to a close…just like this week! Here, enjoy these links over the weekend.

• If you’re a person who will be in London in September, check out the Fellow Resident housewarming party!
Here’s a story I wrote for Los Angeles magazine about new words the Oxford Dictionary should consider adding.
• Well said, Dave. Lip synching isn’t a talent: it’s just a cool trick.
• Okay, okay, okay: salad is a myth.
• What your underwear says about you.
• Water demons are real.
• Glad to see teens recognize this is ridiculous.
Here is a video of autotuned cows.
• Wow. This is giving me a hangover.
• Fucking buildings, man.
Rhys Ernst has an issue with “transplaining.”
• Sure, this is annoyingly trendy, but at least they’re super creative and pretty looking.
• Wow. I don’t even know how I’d begin to put together an outfit.
Let this be your education in Grace Jones, children.
• Surprisingly basic with a big, actually.
• A very inspiring story. A true victory of equality and government!
• The Afropunk Fest looked really great, as did the looks.
• Awful headline, really cool models.
• One of the actresses from My So Called Life is royalty now. Huh.
• Sweet little design idea for that old someone in your life.
Justin Vivian Bond’s thoughts on the RentBoy raid are great. Necessary reading!

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