Here are a few great things that, while great, aren’t greater than a sentence’s worth of time. Great links, though!

Google is now helping you mix drinks, which is great because maybe Google will eventually be able to just make you a drink.
• The two Crosstown Rebels Roisin Murphy songs came out and they’re fine. Not great, not bad: they’re songs. Sad trombone sound.
Thank you, Bon Appetit, for these in-a-pinch kitchen substitutions.
Cool story on a sex expert in China who was hiding being transgender only to be accepted by society.
• This new or lost Grimes song is actually pretty great.
Amy Schumer talking about her how Hollywood forced her to lose weight in order to play herself is great.
• Well, you really can be anyone you want to be if you have enough makeup.
• If you haven’t already been told, American Apparel is having a massive sale. Things are, like, ninety percent off. I am telling you this because I spent $85 on this sale and now am like fifteen American Apparel items richer.
Forgot how much I enjoy this sketch.
• Speaking of sketches, this one is just great.
I know these people and they make great music and it is really rad that they are in New York Times magazine!
• A great little photo essay about electronic musicians and their pets. I wish this were a Tumblr or something.
• A friend and former co-worker wrote this fan non-fiction about sparkling water of the gods La Croix for the New York Times. My name isn’t mentioned but I am one of the “young colleagues” in the story. *brushes off shoulders as if that actually means something*
• Also, Happy Friday The 13th. Please don’t die. (But you should go see It Follows, if available.)

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