Thankfuckinggod this week is basically over. Here’s a lot that I wanted to share but didn’t have time to talk about. Enjoy the linksys! Great!

• Women from history classes who you didn’t know were queer.
• It’s been two weeks and still I haven’t gotten around to writing about Koko and death.
• Tom Hardy, what a gift.
• Mario Maker is just great.
• McDonald’s delicious secret menu looks delicious.
• Although I do not wear heels, I want.
• “I need this seat for my backpack, though.”
• An interesting new sub-genre of drag performance.
• <3 Jamie Lee Curtis<3
• While researching that only gay in the village post, I found this fascinating visual effects video.
• If presented with the right occasion and right outfit, of fucking course.
• Excellent point.
• Oh! Go Xiu Xiu!
• Future Cock.
• The history of the Spice Girls’ nicknames, revealed.
• A great read on crazy fucking Matt Damon’s white privilege.

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