I am so fucking glad this week is over. I had a lot I wanted to write about but, dang, didn’t get around to it. Enjoy this round up of links. Great!

• I wrote about friendly places in Los Angeles for Los Angeles magazine!
• Whatever happened to shovel girl?
• Slightly gruesome, yes, but a startling tribute to people who have died on Mount Everest.
• This is definitely fascinating.
• I wanted to write about this last week but didn’t know what to say: here’s how Legowelt makes a track.
• A friend sent this to me and I don’t believe this is real. This can’t be real!!
• Making a tie is much more difficult than sewing together a piece of cloth if you are Hermes.
• Bat For Lashes has gone all seventies and it’s pretty OK.
• This was fun to watch!
• VVR: very valuable read.
• Cool video, ANV.
• For television and reality television nerds (Like myself.), these charts are delicious.
• I hate this so much.
• Related: the stress.
• LOL.
• Kendall Jenner is the best Jenner.
• Question everything.
• Related-ish, a nice little interview with Stephen Colbert.
• Sure, why not.
• This is crazy and great.
Margaret Cho and JD Sampson talking. Please watch.
• If you are in Canada, go see this for me.
• I’m seeing Grace Jones in concert on Sunday. I’m so glad I know what’s on her rider.

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