This will be a great weekend because I almost fell asleep at work yesterday and I need this fucking weekend. Great! Enjoy these links.

• My friend Mary wrote this amazing Rihanna cover story for Fader.
• This new(er) Fellow Resident feature has pretty dudes and pretty, pretty food stuffs.
• This is the show I work on!
• Which Nancy Meyers kitchen are you?
• Sad that This Is My Jam died but they made nice archive pages.
• Yes—but not the Fat Jew.
• I love this and I hate this and I love this and I hate this.
• Who knew that these weird pizza people were making a change?
• This is true. Also: bad drinking habits.
A great photo.
• Amazing Grace: how I love you.
• Here is an example of an article and headline that tell each other nothing because you never are reminded what the “shocking fetish” is, therefore negating any reason to actually read the story.
• This is fairly fascinating albeit unfair and not cool.
• This is great.
• <3<3<3<3<3 Zackary Drucker <3<3<3<3<3
• This looks like a fun zine.
• Interesting, boozy tactic.
• How to be in a relationship and masturbate. Good reading!
• Latest SFV Acid is chill.
• Again: Bella Hadid > Gigi Hadid.
• I forgot all about this character.

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