I’m so happy that this week flew by. Time has been so slow for me lately and I’ve been like in way bummer moods. Whatever. Now it’s the freaking weekend and I’m about to have me some relaxing or some shit. So, enjoy these links of things I didn’t get to write about. Great!

This literally makes me want to kill someone.
• Oh, Rob.
• Are you kidding me, textbooks? Workers?
• Likely the most important Vine child.
• This is an important Vine, too.
• Get your .lgbt URL before it’s too late!
• Coooooooooool!
• Hey, check out this dick from The Affair.
• So alt, Tinashe.
• Reread this, Halloweenies.
• HUH? This is one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever seen.
• My boss showed this to me and this is so excellent.
• Aside from the smoking, I think he looks good.
• This should be fun.
Who knew PEOPLE could be so cool?
• This is a great dissection.
• I support all of this, Kris.
• This is neat.
• Mad respect for Rick Moranis.
• RVNG Intl. is now on Rdio. Sweeeeeet.
• How do you beat men at poker? Be a woman.

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