It’s always nice when the week flies by. That’s great! Here are things I didn’t have much to say about or ran out of time to write about. Thus, weekend links for you!

• Watch my friend Andi give a talk on her work and empathy!
• A good guide on dressing your dude body type.
• The true story behind C-3PO’s boner.
How could things that are so cute be so deadly?
• Why should you pay more money for better quality clothing? Here’s why.
• These beardos aren’t as hot as you would think they are.
• I’ve never heard a single St. Vincent song but she seems pretty cool.
• I’m not a Nick nostalgist but it’s interesting to see which shows were better than others.
• RIP, spice daddy.
• This story cannot be real. It can’t be real!
• Mykki Blanco is such a cool dude and this is a great interview about his being HIV positive.
• I want to visit this velvet art museum.
• Well. Despite them undoubtedly still being sexist and not great to women, this is “progressive.”
• All the worst costumes of 2015.
• Oooooh boy: this was not a good idea.
• This is so incredibly fascinating to me because I wanted to get an electric car but the lack of recharge spots concerns me. Now I know!
• I am ready to play this game.
• Who the fuck is eating all these Oreos?
• This magazine seems limited but I’m intrigued.
• A fascinating look into toilet production.
• I love these stories about poor restaurant patrons from disgruntled servers. Reminds me of my days as a disgruntled server.
• YouTube stars are the lowest people in the world.
• Speaking of YouTube, this is the whitest, most privileged thing I have ever seen.
• If you are in New York, this seems like a very good show.

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