This week was like getting an anal enema from a giant unpruned tree branch. Happy Almost Halloween! Here are some things to read and look and laugh at over the weekend. Great!

• If you are in Los Angeles, you gotta go to the l.a.Eyeworks sale. It’s a great place to do all your holiday shopping!
• There was once a musician by the name of “Nina Pee.”
• Ermahgerd, here’s the story behind the ermahgerd girl.
• What a wonderful time capsule.
• One of the most disgusting compilations of food that I have ever seen.
• Sports are so empire but this is funny.
• Vital information regarding long plane flights.
• Hey, Democrats: this is interesting. Alarmist, yes, but interesting.
• There is something so lovable yet so disgusting about this. Also, yes, this is the second Buzzfeed article that in this post that is described as “disgusting.” Huh. Funny.
• This is a totally wonderful example of playing with old art.
• I visualize smells and I never thought of this. Pretty ugly pretty!
• Impressive and stressful.
• This is so intensely WTF and—potentially—the most offensive appropriation of an already offensively appropriated song.
• The most mesmerizing thing you will watch all week.
• This is going to be GOOOOD.
• You’ll want to watch this artsy horror film with a bad title.
• Meant to write about this a week or so ago.
• “Nutscapes.”
New Junior Boys is pretty cool and comfortable.

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