My allergies have been killing me this week and I want to cut off my nose but, hey, freakin weekend baby. Here are links. Great!

French textbooks are great, as is everything from France.
Meant to read or write about this but did neither: read about LGBT beer people in Britain causing a stir.
Creepy, crazy, cool listen.
• A great read about all the different designers who passed through Ralph Lauren before doing their own thing.
• Also from Valet: keep calm and drink on.
• Way harsh, The Onion. Way harsh.
• This Kehinde Wiley spread for Paper Magazine is fantastic.
Even though “View To A Kill” isn’t number one, this is still a good list.
• This is just wonderful.
• Reason 1283723817623491823 to never attend a stupid H&M collaboration sale. Just save up and buy the fucking shit from the real brand.

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