Today is a big day in music: we finally have new Oneohtrix Point Never and new Bing & Ruth but also new Grimes and new Bieber. So who won today? You, because it’s the weekend. Great! Listen to these things with your eyes.

• Great artwork, great write up, not a great thing that The Whitney did.
• Martha, queen of the shade brigade.
• “It wasn’t soft and flabby but it was hard.”
• Jeremy Scott did it better.
• Let’s bring Mystery Science Theater 3000 back, you guys.
• I remember these malls.
• Watch She Gone Rogue while you can!
This is what a Juggalo ball would be. Category is…literally cheesecake.
This is the most WTF story about food I’ve ever seen.
• If you are one of the three people who have not watched the new Missy Elliot video, stop what you are doing and fucking watch the god damned video.
• Speaking of, here’s who made those puppets.
• It was only a matter of time.
A lofty list but a good list.
• I’m not a fan of The Oatmeal but this is some good “Get out there, kid!” inspiration.
• A good recap of the many faces seen in #AllMyMovies.
• What a great impression of a turtle.
• Just look at that final dude, dudes.
• These are great photos, Stephanie.
Interested in Miitomo.

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