Are you ready for Thanksgiving? It’s next week!!!!! You need to get on it, dude. Read these links over the weekend as you clean your place. Great!

• Fascinating story on the new Snooki and her fashion endeavors written by a friend.
• Fuck America. Is this story real? I hate white people.
• The history of glitter, in case you were wondering.
• Designer weed from Snoop Dogg? Tell me more.
This story / video is the deepest, craziest, saddest, best thing you should watch this week.
• My thoughts exactly on Hailee Steinfeld being a musician.
• This story has understandably gone viral and will put tears in your eyes.
• Gimme that pie and that pie and that pie and that pie.
More marching bands need to be about that penis game.
• Why you don’t hear about goings on in countries that aren’t “popular.”
• Please to listen to.
The most stylish woman on Fox News ever.
This history of The Muppets is very interesting!
Actually a great way to find new video games.
• Grab some Easter sunnies because here’s some Bunny shade.
I want to believe.
• This makes me want to kill myself.
• Unless it’s actually fucking wine, these are terrible gifts.
Why do cats hate cucumbers so much?
• We need more illusions like this, no?
• A gift guide for the sexually frustrated.

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