It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you probably need some things to read. So look at these links! Great!

A very sweet story my friend Cori wrote to remind you about the fragility of life.
my friend got an Out write up!
• Some important new rules on how to wine.
• The supposed real story behind Zola.
• A great listing of new emoticons to get down with.
• This pair of NSFW underwear came up in a Google Image search that I did and it is hysterical.
• This reminds me of some The Martian shit.
Don’t make me laugh, Grindr.
• A most fascinating question that has never been considered. (HOW.)
…but are the Kardashians getting more surgery to look like Kardashians?
• Call me basic but I like the new Katy Perry holiday song and collection.
• Come on: let the people play around in those damn leaves!
• Vaginal sourdough, maybe a new bread for you to try.
• Conspiracy!

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