What are you doing this weekend? I’m going out of town for work. Great! Enjoy these links. Lots are about gun control. Write your congressperson.

• Life in the times of mass shootings: a great reflection on how it feels to live in America right now.
• Here’s a great list of books worth reading from this year.
Silly and fascinating and very much a product of “the times.”
• In case you wanted to know all the best fried chicken in the US, here’s a decent list.
The package design for this is quite good, actually.
• In case you wanted to see every James Bond invention ever.
• Since my niece gave me a cold, these tips have been very informative.
• I meannnnnn.
• I can’t stop watching this Vine.
• A great looking gift list with pretty decent gifts.
• The life of a gay little person.
• “On Guns, We’re Not Even Trying”: DAMMMMMN. You went there, NYT.
How shitty was London? So shitty.
• Very informative list of what Senators are voting against gun control.
For those who need to save their detailed curated Rdio libraries, like me.
Yes, I was always wondering what the lyrics song were.
Yum, ramen celebrities.
• RIP, Scott Weiland. I had such a crush on him in early high school.
• RE: my last post on Peaches. This is Narcissister’s America’s Got Talent audition. LOL.
• This article is so important to me.
• The dog who played Toto in The Wiz is named Scooter!!
• Oh my god: this is a great drag idea.

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