What a week! I kind of hated it but I made it. Great! Here, look at these links.

• You guys! Check out my interview with Jonathan Grahm of Compartes for Fellow Resident!
• A very important list of words that are commonly misused. Learn it—and learn it well.
• Funniest art .gifs for you to look at, one of which includes a man turning into a butthole.
• Here germ dudes: here’s a phone you can wash.
Movie writers on writing, which is always inspirational. Amy Schumer looks bomb, too.
• This is both incredibly crazy and incredibly ridiculous.
• While many say socks and sandals are wrong, I think they are fine if with the right outfit.
• A good guy gift guide from Valet.
• Merry Chrysler!
• We’ve all been there, haven’t we?
This seems fascinating.
• The history of the Soul Patch.

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