Can you believe Christmas is next week? Are you all done with shopping? Are you ready? Well, if you need a distraction, look no further: here are some links. Great!

• This is old but, dang, this is so good.
• Would you look at these friendship collars?
It’s hard out there for a hot guy.
How wonderful is this, Obama?
My Christmas wish—that I didn’t know I had—has come true.
• This looks terrible.
• Oh, this is fascinating. *Sips tea.*
• What wonderful technology!
• Accurate? Maybe?
• Interesting list of best fashion of 2015.
• Hot dude truthers.
That Martin Shkreli is such a scum—and this is very fascinating.
• LOL.
• This is making me want to never eat a food again.
• This list is very heady, inside electronic and often funny but the final list of pets is great.
• What the fuck? Well, that’s some weird news.

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