Are you ready for the second weekend of 2016? Fuck, I am. If you get bored, check out these links: great!

An art thing to get very excited about this year!
• God, I wish I could have attended this.
• He may be annoying but pretty rad he’s modeling womenswear.
• A photographic masterpiece for the new year.
• Waste some time with this, won’t you.
A look at where illegal food picked up at airports goes.
No, people who are memes don’t die: they get married or they go on YouTube.
• Meditate on this as we mosey through this new year.
• POLITICAL TRUTHERS: the real heights of all the presidential candidates.
• Koko The Gorilla reviews Star Wars.
• A cold ass, non-dog place is not something I am about.
• What it’s like when your wife because your husband.
• In case you were looking for it, here is a transgender Bollywood band covering Pharrell’s “Happy.”
• In case you wanted to see it, here’s a tattoo dedicated to rimming that is obviously not safe for work.

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