It’s the last weekend of the first month of a new year so that means we are sliding into a lot of things this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you need something to occupy your time, here: chew on these links.

With all these talks about going to Mars, who are the astronauts we’re sending? Turns out, it’s a lot of cool ladies. Also cool is the gayification of Valentine’s Day advertising, which reminds me to remind you to get that male G-Spot ready for the occasion and upgrade the scent of your place to properly set the man-loving mood. If you’re still trying to figure out your sexuality, don’t fret: look no further to queer icons to help you accept yourself. Speaking of help, Flint needs it but don’t send water bottles. Need help with your goals? Writer Octavia Butler was bomb at setting—and keeping—them so learn from her. Learn that Kevin Hart is very tiny, if you didn’t know that, and you should probably learn that you aren’t that special either, especially if you are a flat-earth truther. It’s okay, though: don’t waste your time with thoughts and things that are a waste because, shit, we got lots of them. Fight the good fight and see where fuckery persists. Read a good book recommended by a good friend. Laugh at dumb shit, discover who makes you angry, think about taking a vacation to free your mind, jack yourself off, and, if that beating your meat doesn’t get you going, indulge in a large serving of beef.

Got that? Great! See you Monday.

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