No, I do not have a job but, yes, this week was quite busy and my fucking brain is wrecked. I don’t think I can look at a computer any more but I am going to look at it for twenty more minutes to give you some links to read over the weekend. LET’S DO THIS.

First, we all had a better week than these guys. Haven’t we? Yes, there were caucuses and they taught us to vote for who we agree with. All the political activity showed us you have to fight to win. You have to stay model. We learned to not opt for the fast shit and to not opt for the easy shit. So do your thing! Buy some fancy lingerie my friend is selling and check out what the cosmos have for you. Want to know about something new? You should always want to learn something new! So! Here, this is what it looks like in the control room of a live show. Here, look at all these new puppy players. Here, learn how drag queens sin. Here, look at everything wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Got that? Great!

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