What a great week! Here are great links to read. Great!

Some great tips on how to use Twitter without hating yourself.
• A great story on the now unbreakable Tituss Burgess.
• Want to laugh and cringe and maybe cry? Look at these phrases that are commonly misused and correct your life in language.
This gunna be some good kweer ass shit.
• A great, minimal, tech-data electronic listen.
RIP, you thinking your style is unique.
• A great op-ed regarding how EDM is really “great” at objectifying women. You all: STOP THIS.
• Shit’s expensive.
• Well done Vogue on the Serena Williams cover.
• Speaking of Voguethis is so fucking boring.
• You nasty, collared Pika.
• In news of the “WHAT THE WHAT??”: Mykki Blanco has quit music for investigative journalism. Huh??
• Protip: if you want to buy these new J.Crew shorts, you might as well buy these old J.Crew Factory shorts. Very minor differences between the two.
• This little thing is cool.
Crazy props to this Episcopalian bishop. Fight that good fight.
Why in the fuck have you not paid off your student loans, Miles Teller?
• This is a gay sweater.
• LOL, #PearlFace.
A Grace Jones documentary is coming and it will be fantastic.

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