Fuck, it’s been a week. Can you believe it? March? Well, it is. Let’s get into the link from weekdays to weekends.

So the shape of your lips: do they mean anything? Of course they do! The shape of your lips can mean a lot of things. They’re something complicated—but not as complicated as you and my and every person in a city’s stupid, ridiculous Sunday routines. This week also saw the release of the fantastic and very comprehensive Discogs app which will help crate diggers dig while the new Facebook React items are helping us expressive people talk like animals, a reminder not to be dumber than they need to be and not to simplify each other as (great) comedian Colton Dunn has experienced by being called the “black Seth Rogen.” Moreover, Sam Smith, look around you and appreciate what is ahead of you and what is behind you, like Academy Award winner—and lesbian—Linda Hunt’s eighties Oscar win, which I feel everyone has forgotten. Before we go, know that dogs can get braces, an abortion can be happy, that you should indulge in interior design, help friends in need with art, and, when you fuck up, your demons come back as honey buns. Now, your moment of zen: some pee pee on the run.

You got that? Great! Now weekend the fuck out of yourself.

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