Hello, it’s Friday. It’s been a good week but it’s time for that week to end. Here’s what you should look at on your days off.

Amongst all the recent debates and such, it’s refreshing to look back in time to see what politicians once debated about. As Gavin Newsom points out, the results are kind of shocking—but not as shocking as the thoughts of your bed when you fart on it, as I learned from this very strange new commercial. Don’t be a baby about things unless you are being a troll baby for Donald Trump. If you want some sad dance beauty in your life, please put the new ANOHNI song on repeat. For some fascinating history, why not learn about the adorable sounding fat men’s clubs of yore. You should probably get in touch with recent viral animals too, like this prodigal penguin, this important dog quiz, this anti-Trump dog, and this giant dog, which two people sent me. And, finally, two friend shout outs of note: someone I know works in kid science radio and is seeking funding and another friend interviewed Will Arnett (and you should read it). Oh: and don’t forget to give Toni Morrison a shawl. She’s cold!

That is all.

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