Next weekend is Easter Weekend which makes this weekend Weekend Before Easter Weekend. Get all your sins out because He’s coming to town next week! And look at these links over the weekend.

My favorite write of all writers who you think is only a filmmaker—Miranda July—has shared her favorite books. It’s an interesting list and interesting time for books given that there is now a Moneyball for them, an algorithm to figuring out how to sell. That’s cool and gross? Similarly conflicting is this discussion of the word “tranny” on the show I Am Cait. For fashionable inspiration, please enjoy the latest Tumblr fashion teen, The Green Lady, and an experiment in uniform dressing and information about what people wore when interviewed by Anna Wintour. I’ve always wanted to do this but your dog can be a useful therapy dog and, if you don’t believe that, you should read about this dog who rescued a man from himself. For some new jams, try Oneohtrix Point Never’s take on a Four Tet song. For new movies, check out this movie review site. For people to congratulate, both Pearl and that fat dude model are both getting paid. Ina Garten is continuing her endless adorableness with her new book and this is a great anti-Trump advertisement. Lastly, in news of odd-but-good-but-odd pairings, Carly Rae Jepsen is teaming up with PC Music.

And now you can get into your Weekend Before Easter Weekend weekend.

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