Like. Will it be possible to ever reclaim April 1st from the tomfoolery that it is now? Probably not. We can revel in it being a Friday though. That’s great.

So, here, enjoy some links this weekend.

Let’s start with the youngest thing: this is a hairy baby and I do not like him. Now, the eldest thing: James Baldwin’s house in France needs our help because it might be getting demolished. If that depresses you, perhaps go for a run because that can help train our brains out of sadness. Even though I didn’t read this depressing sounding article about traditional writing and publishing it definitely sounds interesting. Gay media—particularly OUT—had a terrible week as queer icon Mykki Blanco pointed out the flaws in representation. Zachary Drucker’s new boyfriend wrote a really sweet post about their relationship. This dog is making me extremely jealous of its situation and its owner’s situation. If you thought Chris Christie’s couldn’t get any sadder, think again and, if you thought North Carolina’s stupid government couldn’t get any stupider, think again, Democrats. Finally, Amber Rose is continuing to be a top human by, once again, beating Kim Kardashian at her own game.

Enjoy your weekend. I need a vacation. Oh! Also: BUY BOY CLUB!!

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