April is going great so far. Is it going great for you? Hopefully. If not, at least it’s the weekend: you can get all emo with yourself for the next two-ish days.

And why not get emo with some weekend reading? Let these things cheer you up.

Let’s start with the dogs. Want a cool dog? Look at these cool dogs. Want a sporty dog? Look at these sport dogs. Need a good dog? Look at this good dog. As you could tell from my post this week, I loved the book A Little Life so much that I found a recipe inspired by the book. I also found out how to read a book in a day which is probably maybe dark magic. Similar in its unbelievability is this magical means to multiply hydrangeas that I found while doing research for work, which also led me to finding a recipe for homemade shaving cream. For you social justice hounds, learn how Gap Kids got a little racist, that there is now a gay man on a box of Wheaties, and that this is a great freedom fighting woman. I love drag queens who smoke pot which is exactly what Alaska’s video features lots of. Honey Dijon shared some of her favorite tracks, all of which deserve a listen. Sarah Palin might have a great career as a poet. Those annoying ass rich Instagram kids might actually be ratting out their rich parents. Don’t fret, though, because I have some good news: EDM is basically over. Finally, the most important article of the week: why all of Andy’s friends in The Devil Wears Prada are the absolute fucking worst. I wish I wrote that.

Now: enjoy your weekend. And come hang with BOY CLUB if you are in LA!!

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