Sometimes you just feel like you need a vacation and, boy, do I feel like that right now. It’s the weekend though, right? Right.

Thus, here’s your link into two point five days of calm cool.

Yes, this video of Kylie Kardashian taking a selfie is indeed mesmerizing. Dogs around the world are sometimes wonderfully stray. Did you know that Avril Lavigne is actually dead. Yes, Avr1l is. Older gays seem to be having a moment as this sweet story proves it. Portion control is very important which makes these images quite interesting. A full boycott of pro-trans businesses would be a lot of work for a bigot. “Clownsexual” may not be a real word but these photos make me feel that way. Similarly, who are you in these images of 90s kids? (I’m Jeff D.) Here’s what it’s like to date a drinker when you’re sober. I wonder where the men are in the world’s first trans-only modeling group? There have been some stupid ass game shows. If you don’t fear eagles, fear them dot com now. This miniature Bernie Bro is high as fuck. Lastly, this editorial on “the angry woman” is essential weekend reading.

Now go and drink champagne and touch yourself because it’s Friday.

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