Because it’s my ~*~BiRtHDaY wEeK~*~, I’ve been super slacking with posts. But, we’re ending with a bang: here’s your link to the weekend because I love you.

In honor of Friday The 13th being today, enjoy the of the real Chucky doll. I often wonder how different people do their doo doos around the world so this article was quite informative. The thing about things is that things have become a thing. While this could be fun, these also sound quite malodorous (and very San Franciscan). Need mansplaining explained? Look no further. The whole “YACHT reclaims the sex tape” thing was crazy…until it reclaimed them. For some reason, I can’t stop laughing at this woman mistaking a man for a child. This new doc looks bizarrely terrifying. Herbert is making an album of body sounds. I always feel this way about my little dog. Ding, dong: the influencer is dead
. In advance of the RuPaul finale, here are the worst lip syncs and best lip syncs of all time.


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