Well, this week got swallowed into a hole of stuff. Sorry! Trying to make the next BOY CLUB happen and a job does that to you.

Anyway, here’s your weekend link.

So who is voting Trump in our age demo? Duh: these dudes. This story about ANOHNI’s stage style evolution is making me crazy about seeing her live. In case you need a reminder that no one loves you, here’s a story about how your friends don’t think of you as a friend. That news can all be washed away with a cold shower. Have you seen Whoopsie yet? I hope you haven’t because she is great…as is this spanking judge! Roxane Gay calls her a “ninja” which is how I landed on this story about Blac Chyna out-Kardashian-ing the Kardashians. Show me a better death hero than this badass woman. Mykki Blanco’s new music video is intense (and the song’s great, too). While Buzzfeed rides high, there is a lot of room for error. I helped make this video on non-binary men’s fashion because of course. Here is your pro-Hillary boner of the day. Scott Disick did an Insta-boo-boo and it was great. I do love me some Teen Vogue and this woman sounds awesome. Lastly, here’s a cool look at a real life video game amputee.

Have fun and be safe out there, y’all!

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