Hello, Memorial Day! I’m not posting Monday so you can suck on this link to the weekend in the interim. Sound good?

The whole concept of blessers and anti-blessers is so fascinating. Have you ever noticed that malls and mega-churches look extremely similar? Bandcamp took a nice stance on what music is today. If you need a breakdown of the upcoming new crop of television shows, this is an efficient primer. Miss Piggy singing Peaches was recently brought to my attention. How can this movie trailer be so great and so terrible? I makes me so excited and so angry. Swiping at Kris Jenner is always great and her Kris Jenner U fiasco is delicious. What does the future of robotics look like? Small and suctioned. Adult Swim is totally taking a leap into totally legit, diverse territory. In watching all the queens in RuPaul’s “The Realness,” you see that Naomi Smalls is the star of the video. This is a blessed curse. Your weekend “Huh?,” “What?,” “Eh.,” and “Oh la la.” Finally, how was this commercial made?

Happy weekend, you!

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