What a week. Onto the weekend!

After a tough week, you’ve probably seen this but remember what happened in Orlando was a hate crime, first and foremost. People hate gay people and that was an act against us—just like the anti-gay protestors, day of Orlando and at LA Pride. This story of the Orlando mother martyr breaks my heart because I see my mom in the story. So—please—if you have not, pay homage to all who died. Pay them respect as a queer and, if you are not queer, comfort them and apologize on behalf of your people. Well, onward and let this extremely chill dog cheer you up. If Kim Kardashian isn’t cool, maybe look at her through a punk guise. Speaking of punk, ANOHNI continues to be my hero. While not my style, I really, really appreciate this queer hardcore call to action. It’s perfect for this week. The new Red Hot Chili Pepper album comes out today and all I can think is woah what the fuck. Is this new Pokemon made in homage to Donald Trump? As my boyfriend said, “I’d watch this movie.” Finally: stop the madness because there is an eighties version of Justin Bieber.

And there was your link. Enjoy!

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