Lookout long weekend: we almost into you.

Before that happens, let’s reflect on the closing of June and the beginning of July with your weekend link.

In case you forgot that there are rich, public, dangerous homophobes, this is a great list of the biggest homophobes of the past fifty years. I, personally, hate cars because hashtag global warming but I can appreciate their value, on occasion. Still, this Lexus review is great. Can chicken death be ethical? Perdue is going to try to make it that way. I’d love to go to Detroit to see this play about local techno history. Need another reason to hate Hillary? This will make you furiousas will this ridiculous Red Cross poster! But, in the ultimate fury of the week, Mexico’s Marie Claire dedicated their latest issue to asking Ivanka Trump why she’s being a fucking moron. Know a fuccboi? He might need a fuccmom. Lastly, sadly, this video of celebrities paying homage to the Orlando victims will make you cry.

Have fun out there, people. America!

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