How great was this week? So great that it couldn’t end without sharing these great stories. Great!

To myself, treat others like people not a cekebrity
• Interesting: never thought about what Native Americans think about gay marriage.
• As a reminder that Orange Is Thew New Black is far from the truth of prisons, here is a somewhat devastating story about a transgender woman stuck in the male prison system.
“No Kids For Me, Thanks”: a wonderful story on why those who don’t want kids aren’t wrong and why people think this way. (Note this is a super bougie story—but there is a lot of relevance to it.)
• I guess this is proof that
no one actually reads anything.
• If you, like me, are a forgetful former Boy Scout, this knot primer is probably going to be quite helpful.
• Awwwwwwwwww: poor Silicon Valley couple. Hang in there!
This French lady is pretty legit.
• ModCloth has a really great transgender model by the name of Rye: check her out here.
• (Madonna and Steven Klein for W in 2006 + Terrence Howard + Enemy At The Gates) X The Last Man On Earth = Her new fucking terrible music video for “Ghosttown.”
• This is fucking rad: Karlie Kloss is trying to get girls to start coding by offering them scholarship money.
• Is the most successful Kickstarted game any good? Polygon tested it with mixed results.
• This looks silly and very cheesy and written for old peoplebut I will watch it.
Kendrick Lamar teaches you how to spell “negus.”
Looking forward to the Cosmopolitan (!!!) interview with Chelsea Manning.
• Although not definitive, this is a great list of memorable fashion moments from Absolutely Fabulous.
• Will men wear makeup in the future? Maybe. I’m down with that.
What a great potato story.

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