This week, y’all. Let it end.

Here’s the weekend link you’ve been looking for.

Wonder what it’s like to get a dick tattoo? WONDER NO MORE!!! As if things weren’t bad enough, the Rio Olympics are undoubtedly going to be awful. Some good news: the next Iron Man is going to be a fifteen year old super smart black girl. In case you were wondering if you get ample rest when passed out drunk, you do not. The way that Gawker trolls D list celebrities is exactly why they got in trouble with Hulk Hogan (but, like, it’s great). Young meme Skai Jackson addresses being a young meme. Want to make fun of women’s faces? Rose McGowan will come for you. This is a fascinating account of how we ended up with Trump and Bernie. Enjoy—for your fashion. This is a fascinating, sad obituary that is nearly forty years in the making. Lastly, a dear friend of mine is ill and raising money for medical expenses: help, if you have any spare cash.

Now grab a glass of wine and think happy thoughts.

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