Hi, weekend! We’ve been waiting for you. May you bless us with heat and relaxation because it’s Summer.

And here is your link to the weekend!

To arouse your Hillary parts, enjoy Vox’s lengthy interview with her (but beware the audio picks up lots of mouth sounds). If you ain’t on PrEP, let Bob the drag queen explain why you need to be. I’ve been waiting for Ta-Nehisi Coates to speak on recent police violence and he has weighed in with appropriate caution. Even though my anxiety is mostly about death, this anti-anxiety technique is very interesting. Beware: YouTubers are running some shady shit. Remember that Taylor Swift sandwich Tweet? Turns out it might be a hoax. A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant call to support Black Lives Matter from a white mother with three black children. This New Yorker comic made me giggle but not as much as this one or this one. My first Pok√©mon catch was at a gay bar which is obviously a part of a trend. The Taylor Swift VS. Calvin Harris story is the best of the year, with her songwriting theory being the best part. If you, like me, love sandwiches, this cookbook is for you. What happens in a cycling race when your bike dies? You run. Lastly, another sporting related item, is this great “commercial” for the paraolympics.

Don’t enjoy yourself too much this weekend!

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