After a highly political week, it’s time to ease on into the weekend.

Here’s your weekend link.

If you aren’t into comics, Roxane Gay’s upcoming comic will turn you into one. Who would drink cockroach milk? I gotta know all about it. Potter, success, and generally rad dude Ben Medansky’s studio burned down and you should help him out. Love Kate and love Di and love this video of them talking about gender. Speaking of queerness, anyone know if there is a gay version of this women’s synth school? I would like to join. It’s Summer and, like otters, we must beware of brain freezes. When the world is a mess, imagine yourself in the thick of this dog pile. Barb of Stranger Things is having a moment especially because gay men love her. Thankfully, lots of modern offices let you wear whatever you want but, as this woman shows, sometimes you have to go to drastic measures to make a point. We’ll miss Miss Cleo but did you know she was gay? My friend Hamish is making art to help displaced animals. The work’s beautiful! Think twice about your quality olive oil as it is probably rancid garbage. And, now, we enter a long spree of Hillary related linkage: you should understand
how her college graduation speech inspired her activism; Bradley Cooper caused a commotion with conservatives just for being liberal; don’t care that this might suck because I will do anything for Hill; Anastasia Somoza’s speech was a highlight so watch it if you haven’t; read about Bill’s fashion at the convention; and, lastly, admire the DNC’s gender neutral bathroom situation.

Enjoy fam!

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