Ugh, y’all: this week has kind of been a personal disaster and it needs to end. Thankfully, we’ve reached the end. Great!

Here is your link to the weekend, that bridge from work to play.

To get political shit out of the way, going to knock all these out fast: a great comparison between candidates; great anti-Trump song; great scary video; great dumb people; and great photos of our president. Onward! Because male masculinity is so fragile, a robot with a butthole has been made to help solve male asshole problems. Literally. I’ve choked on food and almost died several times in my life so this downward dog anti-choke hold is good to know. Of all the things to do to atone for white privilege, buying groceries for a person of color is a nice, simple step. What’s your favorite La Croix flavor? Interesting. Here’s a bullshit, amateaur list of the best flavors to get mad about, that I swear was written by a La Croix noob. This is my favorite new documentary and documentary channel. If you haven’t seen Chris Rock’s doc Good Hairthis is a great similar visual explanation of hair in black culture. The California flag needs to be updated so why not make it the California fag? I’m way behind on television shows and am going to have to add this to my queue. I requested a .gif from @animated text and she made it!! My friend Daniel is in this great queer advertisement you should watch. Remember how much you loved Anastasia Somoza’s inspiring speech at the DNC? Then you need to meet her sister, Alba Somoza. As the Olympics happen, understand what having your period while playing means. Did you know that gorillas, like me, sing for their food? They do! Lastly, this is fine…but this is better!

Now I am going to sleep and dream and hope I don’t have a shitty week this upcoming week.

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