I am taking a long weekend and, although you probably can’t, you should.

Before we get into it, if you are able to help those in Louisiana, please help out. It’s a disaster that can’t go overlooked. Anyway, onward to other things you might have missed during the week: this is your weekend link.

The election is consuming my media which is funny because it’s also literally consuming who makes media. Speaking of, the night Hillary and Barack founded Isis is an absolute pleasure. Some dogs don’t enjoy this but many dogs like bread on their faces. Joanne The Scammer has become a bit of an icon so know her story before you enter her Caucasian home. Would a gay Netflix actually be good? Or just more shitty movies? Another thing: is God Trans? That’s the question. If you, like me, love Howard Dean and his scream then you will love this documentary. Public proposals are stupid, especially at the Olympics. A giant fucking white trailer is a good metaphor for personal space. My friend’s dog died and what she wrote about her puppies got me all sad. This is a great way to rehab abandoned space while this is a terrible way to treat your penis. Relatedly, Olympic coverage has won the gold medal in homophobia. Onto Harambe news, Bush did indeed do him and it’s important to analyze and understand where he came from. I love Amandla and I love Glorie and I love this conversation. Similarly, I’d love to work at and frequent a queer auto shop. Rihanna has a hard time with selfies when they turn into videos. Lastly, check out this interview I did with my friends Chris and Ian!

Cool. See you Tuesday!

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