Hello, weekend. We meet again.

You will need things to read when you are not doing something—and here are things I didn’t get to write about that were of note. This is your weekend link.

Courtney Act went to a Trump rally and only the queer kids knew who she was (and they weren’t Trump supporters either). We’ve all been here, Amal. We’ve all been underwhelmed on the back of a motorcycle. Nate Parker’s recent rape storyline has been so disappointing and it raises a lot of questions about if you should see his movie or not. If you have been searching for a hero, this artist who had sex for his art is he. Dog rights aren’t really necessary but kicking someone out of church for a medical dog is fucking ridiculous. Men, would you tattoo your bald head to look like you ain’t bald? Probably. Hillary Clinton isn’t the first or second or third woman to run for president in America: there have been many. KFC is great but the Colonel wasn’t a fan. What would you do with a pearl that was the size of a small child? Sell it? Yes, sell it. The best part of this election is what kids have to say about it (even thought it’s making them bullies). Guns are bad but dildos are good. Teens are us! I repeat: teens are a scam because they are no different than we are. He-Man, meet Fisto. Would you go food shopping at Ikea? I think we should try it. And, lastly, despite mild Jesus connections this series is quite inspiring.

Be awesome to each other.

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