Three day weekend, baby. THREE DAYS.

At least for us in America because it’s Labor Day. Here’s your weekend link!

In case you didn’t see this Facebook viral video, learn why you’re driving in the left lane all wrong. Similarly curious, gay bears are large but what is life for them if they have sleep apnea? It involves sexing with CPAP. We all wonder about if alcohol is killing us or if we drink to much which is why it’s interesting to actually ask a doctor if we’re alcoholics. Ever noticed that everyone in television has the same hair? That’s because they do. The new collaboration between Tuff City Kids and Annie is pretty good. Times are tough, yes, but that’s because people are tough which is exactly why it’s refreshing to see nice people do nice things. Should Drag Race let drag kings compete? Some say yes. Donald Trump is a bully but he’s also a baby—but what does it mean? There’s a lot of talk about aliens sending us signals but it could just be a giant cosmic butt dial. Time will tell! Gabrielle Union stars in Birth Of A Nation, was a victim of sex abuse, and her director has a complicated history with sex abuse. No what? She explains why this is such a complicated matter. Did you know Mary-Kate Olsen shows horses in the Hamptons? To also play this weekend: Ennuigi, where you are a depressed Luigi. What does dog death teach us about human death? A lot, actually. Lastly, you should watch this great Against Me! music video that stars Natasha Lyonne.

Enjoy your days off!

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