How great was this week? So great that I forgot to share these things. Great!

• Yeah, the Masters ended last weekend and I meant to share this article about a bunch of other weird prizes given away in sports competitions.
• NPR does a great weekly roundup of what they’re reading called #NPRReads. Some great stuff in there, like the woman who wears the same thing to work every day.
• Don’t know how much you should drink on a date? Enjoy this primer, then.
• This story is way old but I finally got around to it in my Readability: do happy couples masturbate?
• Also a little dated and I wanted to write more on but all I can really say is “Read this.”: the tale of a young man and a friendly neighborhood sock fetishist.
• Teen culture is the best culture. Teens are great. Teens are teens.
• Meant to write something longer on this but realizing I’m too late to: I love you, woman who wrote her own obituary.
A nice little interview with Matt Furie about where Pepe the “Feels Good” Frog (and meme) came from.
A funny guide to street drugs.
I’m particularly fond of The Truth Is: I’m A Mouse.
This is just great.
• Damn, Helen Keller was fucking awesome.

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