Yes, Summer is slipping away, stepping out the backdoor 2016’s party. It’s sad but we can still have fun, right?

Right. This weekend, keep that in mind. Here’s to you, final moments of Summer!

I live in constant fear of something stupid being the cause of my death like a kitchen fire: learn how to be a better cook so you don’t cause one, people. Even though all this is stuff I’ve watched on twenty different documentaries, I just love learning about the origin of dogs. House music has a very complicated history, most of which revolves around minority groups creating it as a form of therapy and protest; but, like everything minorities make, white kids stole it. Sure, why not dig up your dead relatives to play dress up? Sounds like some pre-October fun! To that madness, it’s 2016 and, still, sex change body thrillers are still made. Talk of gender and sex fragility reminds that you have to read this fascinating story about father/son closeness that’s freaking people out for the wrong reasons. Who is the best pilot in all of movie land? Let this list answer that for you. Drag Race fans, bend your ears: a new show with Ginger Minj and Carmen Carrera is raising money for production. I don’t need to tell you this but here is a comic that explains how the human race is a plague—Err.—how we caused climate change. Finally, beware of giving young boys makeovers because, LOL, you’ll get scared they’ll turn out gay.

Enjoy the Summer. Remember that everything ends, even your life.

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