Here is your weekend link because it’s Friday and GO TIME.

In animal news, pigeons can read and horses can tell you how they feel. What a week for animals! Please notice the the difference between how Jeffrey Tambour talks about playing trans roles versus Michelle Rodriguez. Speaking of media representations of trans women, have you seen these great Harpers Bazaar covers? Also, an excellent new sex toy for trans men. For those wondering about the history of dance music, enjoy a dance music primer (with discussion questions!). You might have seen the Stranger Things kids pass out PB&Js at the Emmys but they actually caused a big commotion about nut allergies. Weddings are fine but a wedding where puppies are flowers? YES, PLEASE. If you didn’t catch this video of Lizzy getting lit, watch her getting lit. Drag is in which is why learning about drag kings through history is of note.

See you Monday!

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