Goodbye, September. We will see you next year! Also: goodbye this week.

Let us enjoy the fruit of our non-work by catching up on a ton of shit we meant to read. Here is your weekend link!

Anthropologists have come together for some very important work: to discover the re-appeal of cargo shorts. The Will & Grace cast and crew reunited for a little election special and it’s like the show never ended. Patton Oswalt’s wife died earlier this year and he’s finally opening up about it through very sweet jokes. Poor Pepe The Frog. Poor, poor Pepe. Whoopi Goldberg has become a counter cultural fashion icon because she’s doing things like wearing Vetements in interviews. Dancing is a product of culture which is why social dances are a culture unto themselves. In case you haven’t heard, Wonder Woman is a big queer (duh). If you need a non-global warming related reason to not eat meat, this aging farm animal sanctuary will help. Moreover, why not work out with your dog on a treadmill with you? Finally, RuPaul and Dolly Parton are both gay icons—so what would they talk about if they interviewed each other? Lots of cute things, of course.

Great! See you Monday.

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