Do you have a three day weekend? Good for you! (I don’t.)

So, when you have a day off, enjoy these links to your long weekend.

*DesignSponge’s Grace Bonney has diabetes and this interview on the subject is very, very interesting. Crafting is an unnecessary hurdle in gaming so why is it so ubiquitous? In case you were wondering why Annie Potts would be dressed as a chef, Chloé has your answer. Panti Bliss is an Irish drag performer who is having a nice moment. Bees are very smart. Endangered too but very, very smart. The new iPhone seems somewhat underwhelming which begs a question: what is the best iPhone? The answer might be found here. Grindr thought it was being cute by live Tweeting the VP debate but it all exploded in their face like poor political ejaculate. Fans of Transparent know who I’m taling about but Alexandra Gray is a standout actress who we are about to see everywhere.

Great! Enjoy yourself, please.

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