It’s basically halfway through October. Can you believe that?

Insane, right? Well, here’s your weekend link.

We were all recovering from the debate this week but you might have missed the most important recap: Vic Berger’s thoughts on the subject. The movie version of news anchor Christine Chubbuck’s suicide is coming out soon but the story of her life is beyond a media morsel. Speaking of morsels, Bon Appetit has done the lord’s work: they taste tested all the Trader Joe’s cheeses to discover which was best. There are a lot of bad taglines out in advertising but some are exceptionally awful. Drunk History is keeping it really real by showing that trans actors need to play trans characters. To understand Melania and the “pussy bow,” one must meet with a master: Andre Leon Talley. You should always follow your dreams and, if your dreams are building things for adult babies, you do you. Covergirl is going to be going through a lot of changes namely that they’re no longer girls. “There is a big difference between saying dirty words and glorifying non-consensual sexual contact.” When life hands you weird, unnecessary shoes, you make weird, unnecessary shoe lemonade.

Enjoy. Don’t get too lit this freakin’ weekend.

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