Are you going to have a spooky weekend? Maybe. Probably. Totally.

But look at a few things before now and then. Link the two!

A new cute power couple emerges, in matching torn denim: St. Vincent and Kristen Stewart. “Liberal” political comedy isn’t moving the needle on people’s political views—but neutral shows are. A great tip for buying wine: look to the importer for further buying tips. Reason 1287273891435982730984192374 why one should never visit Australia. Have you ever been to Trump Dump Tower? Neither have I but a writer for Esquire did and it is sad dot com. With virtual reality come some good and bad things. But what can the bad be? VR gropings. Dogs in costumes are great but, sheesh, they hate it. Good service is great but service that protects from leering creeps is excellent service. For a Halloween hot take, listen here: mellowcremes are the best candy. For those in need of a last minute costume, choose fashion. Ina Garten’s new cookbook is out and, more than anything, it’s a love letter. Funfetti has been trending for years but, finally, the new York Times has noticed. In memoriam of Vine (RIP.), enjoy a selection the best Vines of all time and let this dog cheer you up.

Happy Halloweekend!

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