Blessed be us because it is Friday and almost the Holidays.

Also: on Wednesday, the election will be over. Let us feast in the fruits of the weekend.

Before we go anywhere, a reminder to tell your friends and family and whoever: a Trump-Pence White House will mean LGBTQ rights will disappear. Do not forget that. The election is nearly over but of course there had to be some gay slandering in the end. Halloween is over but indulge your nostalgia by reading about the creative process behind creative sexy meme costumes. Women are the drivers this election and, as we head into the final weekend before voting, let the stories of these ladies inspire you. The biggest thing Trump voters are not understanding: technology is taking their jobs—not Mexicans. In perhaps a strange Republican turn of events, it looks like Barbara Bush’s height is unverifiable. Actor Dijmon Honsou has a pretty devastating story about the importance of diversity in (superhero) movies. Want some food nerd drama? America’s Test Kitchen‘s former host and founder Chris Kimball is now being sued by the show he once worked for. Ugly dogs deserve love so why not adopt them? A great fan theory: perhaps Overwatch‘s Zarya is transgender. Finally, voters have spoken: we’re disgusted by this election.

That was your weekend link. Byyyyeeee.

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