What else is there to say? This was a bad week.

I’ve spent most of the week reflecting and recalibrating hence the lack of posting. However, we’ll resume regularly scheduled programming next week. Stay strong—and here’s your weekend link.

What happens when a straight man visits a filthy Berlin sex club? He has a terrible time. Zebra Katz is back with a new single and music video, which is a Rick Owens love fest. This is old but this woman and her trash-less lifestyle is so inspirational, especially in light of future politics. Now that the election is over, say goodbye hello to all of our very stupid friends who are Trump commentators. In this basically awful week, it’s important for liberal, super-leftists to realize the truth that only an NPR personality can articulate: Trump people will get what they deserve. In hindsight, all of the events of this week might make sense because history has taught us to recognize patterns and realize how terrible things repeat in history. As Roxanne Gay says, we have to fight even though we don’t know what that fight looks like. As Gloria Steinham says, we aren’t mourning: we are organizing. Perhaps an “extinction burst” will lead to not much happening in our future—and that would be great news for stressed LGBTQ Americans and those in need of healthcare, not to mention our environment. Remember, though: the pendulum swings both ways—and that means getting your shit together for tomorrow. Keep hope alive—and go for a hike before sending Hillary a thank you note.

Loves and marijuana decriminalized drugs. See you Monday, ready to fight, fam.

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